How it works

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How does the DSPA work

The active substances of the DSPA aerosol are solid micro particles that fill the compartment or room  completely and attack the combustion process of a fire at a chemical level. As a result, the flames are instantly knocked down and the energy removed from the fire, reducing the temperature and impact of the fire.

The amount of extinguishing agent required is significantly less than that of conventional extinguishing agents like CO2, FM200, Inergen etc. Additionally DSPA aerosol offers significant savings in terms of installation and maintenance.


DSPA works volumetric perfect for rooms, buildings, closed compartments and vehicles etc. the active substance in the DSPA is potassium based  K + OH = KOH

The substance will absorb the energy of the fire, reducing the tepmerature and extingusihing the fire.

The graph below shows the effect on the temperature of the fire, after the DSPA aerosol extinguisher has been deployed

DSPA Graph



DSPA Table