Healthcare Facilities

DSPA extinguishing systems for healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities are often in the news when it comes to fire. The large number of patients, personnel and difficulties with regards to evacuation are the main reason for this. As a facility manager or director you are obligated to ensure the safety of these people but despite all fire preventative measures, fires do break out and accidents happen.

DSPA offers fixed extinguishing systems for applications such as computer & server rooms, storage rooms, switchgear rooms, electrical cabinets and many other objects or rooms that contain fire hazards or represent great value for your facility.

A DSPA fire extinguishing system typically consists of one or more DSPA aerosol generators and a highly sophisticated fire detection system.  This total system ensures that the customer is notified in the early developing phase of a fire, thus giving the chance to prevent unnecessary damage. Application of the system inside the object (e.g. Electrical cabinet) increases the “early warning” detection time. If a fire develops the DSPA generators will activate and quickly extinguish the fire. DSPA aerosol generators are highly effective, non-pressurised and environmentally friendly.

A DSPA extinguishing system is also uniquely safe. It is not pressurised and does not affect oxygen levels. It is officially tested as non-toxic, making a DSPA system perfect for many applications within healthcare facilities.

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Other advantages:

  • Easily adaptable to your existing alarm system
  • Very cost efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Requires no expensive pipe work
  • Easy to install