DSPA fire safety systems for Government facilities & infrastructures

DSPA fire safety systems can be applied in applications such as archives, computer & server rooms, electrical cabinets and many other objects or rooms. In the last decade many Government organisations have equipped rooms or objects that represent great value for this sector with a DSPA system. Since Governments own a large percentage of all real estate and infrastructure in most countries it is no wonder that Government organizations represent a large customer group for DSPA.

A DSPA fire extinguishing system typically consists of one or more DSPA aerosol generators and a highly sophisticated fire detection system.  This total system ensures that the facility manager is notified in the early developing phase of the fire, thus giving them a chance to prevent unnecessary damage. If a fire develops, the DSPA generators will activate and quickly extinguish the fire. DSPA aerosol generators are highly effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

A DSPA extinguishing system is also uniquely safe. It is not pressurised and does not affect oxygen levels. It is officially tested as non-toxic, making a DSPA system perfect for any kind of application.

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Other advantages:

  • Easily adaptable to your existing alarm system
  • Very cost efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Requires no expensive pipe work
  • Easy to install