First Responder

DSPA-5: Unique fire knock down tool for first responders

Uniquely for first responders DSPA offers the DSPA-5, a portable knock down tool used for indoor fires.

Fire can have an enormous impact on any institution or company. Schools may need to be closed indefinitely or companies suffering high costs for business continuity. Many problems can be prevented by quick and effective intervention. But what if the fire is difficult to reach? What if a common fire extinguisher won’t do the job? In such cases the DSPA-5 offers a solution as a unique & portable fire knock down tool.

DSPA-5 saves time during a fire

Time is of the essence during a fire. Not just the time that is necessary to evacuate residents or personnel, but also the time that is needed for firefighters to arrive on the scene to achieve a successful outcome. The DSPA-5 ensures that a fire no longer spreads and that valuable time is gained.

First Responders


For every stage of the fire

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