DSPA 5: Unique fire knock down tool for Firefighters

Uniquely for firefighters DSPA offers the DSPA 5, a portable knock down tool used for indoor fires.

The DSPA-5 offers a solution for those fires that happen every day in places that are difficult to access. For example, to attack a basement fire means descending through the hottest air layers from the fire. Flashovers and Backdrafts are real dangers to every fire fighter. The DSPA-5 will knock the flames down in seconds and significantly reduce the temperature.

A shortage of water often causes difficult logistical problems, especially when fighting large fires. Crucial time is often lost. The DSPA-5 knocks down the fire.  With the flames gone only a small quantity of water is needed to extinguish even a fully developed fire.

New technique to fight Flashovers and Backdrafts

When fighting fully developed fires, which can result in flashovers or backdrafts, DSPA-5 will knock down the flames and drop the temperature quickly and efficiently to a manageable level.

For firefighters this will mean that the safety when performing an indoor attack will be significantly increased.



Other advantages:

  • Can be deployed quickly and easily
  • Knocks the fire down with flames gone within seconds
  • Prevents flashovers and backdrafts
  • Saves crucial time & money
  • Increases the safety of firefighters considerably
  • Does not deplete oxygen levels
  • Is friendly to the environment
  • Is harmless to humans and animals
  • Does not cause any overpressure