DSPA-5 Series


  • Exceptional effective non-toxic fire suppressing agent
  • Does not deplete oxygen levels
  • SNAP listing by EPA
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (O.D.P.=0, G.W.P.=0)
  • Is harmless to humans and animals
  • Does not cause any overpressure

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    The DSPA-5 aerosol generator can be used by firefighters and professional first responders as a highly effective knock down tool against fires. The DSPA-5 generator is non-pressurised and is deployed manually into a room or compartment that requires firefighting. After activation, an aerosol cloud is generated which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and knocking down the flames. The DSPA-5 generator is mainly designed to use on class A, B, C and F (K) fires.


    The DSPA-5 generator is recommended for firefighting in buildings and other structures. It can be used in every fire stage, but its value is best displayed during fully developed fires.


    Model 5 5-4 5-3
    Dimensions 268 x 225 mm
    10,5”x 8,9”
    165 x 94 mm
    6,5”x 3,7”
    135 x 72 mm
    5,3”x 2,8”
    Total weight 4,6 k g
    10 lbs
    2,1 kg
    4,6 lbs
    1,35 kg
    3 lbs
    Volume coverage Up to 150m³ /
    Up to 40m³ /
    1400 ft³
    Up to 13m³ /
    460 ft³
    Discharge time 25 sec 25 sec 20 sec
    Activation, current Manual Screw-in starter with pin or cord
    Operation conditions -50°C to 50°C/ -60°F to 122°F
    Up to 98% RH at 50°C
    Colour Standard RAL 3000, other colours upon request

    What the professionals say ...

    In this page you can read what other people think about the DSPA-5; professionals who have deployed the DSPA-5. This is a small selection, more can be viewed on the YouTube user group TheDSPA-5, click on the icon to view.

    "After minutes the temperature had reduced quite considerably and the fire itself was all but extinguished." 
    Fire fighter Gordon, Staffordshire FRS, UK

    "As soon as we popped the DSPA-5 in there, we saw the aerosol fill the room and the visible flames ceased." 
    Chief DiCola, Neshannock Fire Department, PA, USA

    "We decided to use the DSPA-5. One unit was thown into the garage. We waited for approximately 30 seconds before we started active ventiliation to get the aerosol out of the compartment. As we entered the compartment the fire was totally under control with no visible flames. Little to no water was needed to cool down the remains."
    Chief Kim Walgeborg, Enkoping-Habo Fire Service, Sweden

    "I can honestly say my first experience with the DSPA unit as a front line fire suppression tool has been a huge success. The unit performed exactly the way the video demonstrates and the reports say they do. The unit not only saved thousands in property damage it also reduced much needed manpower, on scene equipment and resources needed to typically fight a fire such as this."
    Chief Chris Spencer, Summerfield Fire Department, NC, USA

    "In this situation, the quick knock down of the fire by the DSPA-5 reduced our need to use water on the structure and allowed our crew and trucks to return to the station in less than two hours."
    Chief Bill Higgs, Sechelt Fire Department, British Columbia, Canada

    The following are extracts from test reports on the DSPA-5

    "On deployment of the DSPA-5 the door was closed. Operatives did not re-enter the compartment. The door was not opened again until six minutes after application of the DSPA-5 at which time visibility was poor, all windows were then opened to the compartment allowing visibility to improve and a thermal imaging camera allowed for dampening down of the remaining fire, which was minimal." 
    Chiltern International, UK

    "During the tests it is noted that the DSPA-5 safely can be thrown from a certain height into a burning compartment, without influencing its working principle. Therefore this product complies with the first two goals set for the tests. The third goal was to see if the DSPA-5 can be a valuable addition to existing fire fighting procedures. Given the way why the aerosol fills the space, takes away the flames and produce a considerably lower temperature, it can be said that the DSPA-5 also meets the objective." 
    Royal Netherlands Navy

    "It is recommended that the DSPA-5 be considered for inclusion into both structural and aircraft rsponse vehicle equipment lists. It is felt that even thought the tool is dependent upon the space having as few openings as possible, the significant cooling effect plus the reduction in the use of water will be of benefit to the responding firefighters by giving them an added tool to use while setting up for entry while at the same time reducing the amount of initial heat to which firefighters would normally be subject, thereby reducing their stress levels."
    Office of the Canadian Forces Fire Marshall